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Life is unpredictable, and so are dental problems too. Dental problems and accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. It can be as minor as tooth pain or as complicated as bleeding of the gums or an injury resulting due to trauma. It also includes life-threatening tooth infections. If your dental problem demands immediate medical treatment, it is considered an emergency.  A dental emergency is also a type of such medical emergency, where delaying instantaneous medical attention can lead to tooth loss or severe health issues. 

Thus, a dental emergency is a medical emergency where delaying immediate medical attention can lead to tooth loss or critical health issues. Many people often get confused about what a dental emergency is. Read on to know the difference between a standard dental issue and a dental emergency.

Dental Emergencies


If you suffer from a dental problem, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do you have severe tooth pain? 

  • Do your teeth or gums bleed unstoppable? 

  • Do you have severe swelling in your gums or around the face?

  • Have you lost a tooth or have a loose tooth? 

  • Do you have a severe dental infection? 

  • Do you have mouth ulcers that are not healed even after two weeks?


If your answer is a 'YES' to any of these questions, you may have a dental emergency. 

What constitutes a Dental Emergency?

  • If you have a cracked or injured tooth, treating it immediately could save the tooth.

  • In case you have severe tooth pain and bleeding, it needs immediate medical attention.

  • If you have a swollen face or swelling of the gums, it could be a sign of a serious gum infection. It can be a life-threatening problem or an abscess in the mouth that should get immediate medical attention. 

  • If you have tooth decay or a cavity that is left untreated for long, it may cause significant pain, calling for speedy attention. An untreated cavity can deepen and cause damage to the pulp and lead to its extraction.

  • If you have an athletic injury or automobile accident where your tooth has chipped, broken, or knocked out, it demands immediate medical attention to save the tooth. 

How to handle some common dental emergencies before reaching the dentist?

  • If your tooth got cracked, rinse your mouth immediately with warm water and clean the area. Put a cold compress on the face to reduce swelling.

  • In case you have a knocked-out tooth, keep the tooth moistened; try to place it back into the tooth socket without touching its root. If you can't do this, use a tooth preservative and seek immediate dental assistance.

  • If you have intolerable tooth pain, rinse the mouth with warm water to get immediate relief from the pain. Clean the tooth and gently use a piece of dental floss to remove any food particles stuck between the teeth.

  • Do not use sharp objects to remove the objects stuck in the mouth.

  • Applying a cold compress can help relieve pain if you bit on your tongue or lip.

Tips to prevent dental accidents

  • Refrain from eating hard food items, ice cubes, etc.

  • Do not use your teeth to cut or tear things. 

  • If you are playing sports or participating in athletics, wear a customized mouth guard to prevent injuries to the teeth. 

  • Do not skip your routine dental checkups and regular dental care practices; this will help to avoid dental emergencies to a greater extent. 

Please schedule an appointment online or call us to have a consultation with our dentists in your nearest location, and we will be happy to help. Winning Smiles Dentistry offers dental emergency services, ensuring immediate treatment from the best emergency doctors.

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