Your Baby’s First Tooth: Things to Know About Their Baby Teeth

Your Baby’s First Tooth: Things to Know About Their Baby Teeth

Posted by Winning Smiles Dentistry on Dec 15 2020, 04:45 AM

Baby teeth or primary teeth prepare your little one’s mouth for permanent teeth. Baby teeth have the following functions:

  • Assist with proper eating and chewing. The chewing process breaks down into small and digestible pieces.
  • Assist with speaking. Primary, healthy, aligned, and well-spaced baby teeth help children speak clearly and form words.
  • Act as placeholders for permanent teeth and guide them onto place as new teeth begin to come in.

If you are a new parent, you need to pay attention to your baby’s baby teeth to ensure they remain healthy for years to come. Here is what you need to know about your angel’s baby teeth:

Teeth Timeline

Teething or baby tooth eruption occurs when their first set of teeth erupts through the gums. Your baby will begin teething around 6 months. Teething can start anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Baby teeth can begin forming before they are born.

Tooth buds start to grow during the second trimester. Once your baby is born, the roots develop, and the teeth get pushed up until they erupt through their gums. Most babies have 20 teeth at three years old.

8-Signs of Teething

Each baby shows different signs of teething. Some babies experience no symptoms of teething, whereas other babies experience a lot of pain. Here is a list of common teething symptoms include:

1. Facial rash

2. Mild temperature

3. Drooling

4. Irritability

5. Ear rubbing

6. Redness or swelling of gums

7. Biting or sucking

8. Ear rubbing

If your baby experiences a lot of discomfort during teething, there a few things you can do to ease their pain. 

Here's What You Can Do:

  • You can give your baby a cold washcloth or a firm rubber teething ring that you have placed in the fridge, not the freezer. Chewing can help your baby alleviate the pressure placed on the gums due to the new erupting out of them. 
  • Using a clean finger, you can gently rub their gums. You can also use a wet gauze pad.
  • If you have started your baby on solids, you can give your baby chilled food such as pureed peaches, applesauce, and yogurt. 
  • Most importantly, you can give your baby several kisses and snuggles to reassure and distract your little one.

When your baby’s first tooth comes, we want you to come to see us. Schedule an appointment with our friendly pediatric dentist.

Dr. Darian has taken all proactive health and safety measures to provide you with peace of mind. Schedule your appointment today because, for us, your oral health is a concern, but your safety from the virus is now our concern too. Book your appointment at our dental clinic in Glendale or Phoenix. 

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