Why Choose Bite Guards?

Why Choose Bite Guards?

Posted by Winning Smiles Dentistry on Jul 28 2021, 11:13 AM

A bite guard is an oral appliance that guards your teeth against the consequences of bruxism. Bruxism, in simpler words, is the clenching and grinding of teeth. 

Bite guards can be custom-made according to the shape of your teeth so they fit well and do not cause discomfort. They are also known as night guards, bite splints, and dental guards. 

At Winning Smiles Dentistry, we can help advise you if you should choose a bite guard and what type suits your oral condition best. Read on to learn more about bite guards and why wearing them is beneficial. 

Types of Bite Guards

  • Over-the-counter bite guards

These are bite guards that are available at any drugstore. They come in universal sizes and are made to fit any mouth. While some might fit well from the beginning, other bite guards will have to be softened by being put in hot water. 

OTC bite guards do not last as long as other bite guards but are a more economical option.

  • Custom-made bite guards

These bite guards are custom-made by dentists for each patient using impressions of their teeth. Because they are custom-made, they provide more comfort. They are also a more durable choice. 

How to Wear a Bite Guard?

One can wear a bite guard on the top or bottom teeth depending on each person’s specific needs. Bite guards must be put on before going to bed and worn all night so that they can protect against the negative effects of bruxism. 

The bite guard can be removed in the morning, upon waking up. 

When Is a Bite Guard Necessary?

Bite guards are recommended for people suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders and for preventing damage caused by bruxism (grinding and clenching of teeth) and to dental restorations like crowns.

Bite guards can help with morning headaches caused by bruxism and prevent tooth sensitivity or tooth chipping. They are a simple and inexpensive solution to prevent dental issues that may require restorative dental treatments that are quite expensive and complicated. 

To find out how bite guards can help you avoid severe dental issues and protect your teeth, book an appointment at Winning Smiles Dentistry by calling (623) 777-7942 for our offices in Glendale or (602) 691-6468 for our offices in Phoenix, Arizona.

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