What's Causing Your Bad Breath

What's Causing Your Bad Breath

Posted by Winning Smiles Dentistry on Sep 30 2020, 06:08 AM

Bad breath can kill your social life. Bad breath or halitosis can make you conscious and lower your confidence when you’re around people. No matter how many times you brush your teeth or pop in the mint, your breath continues to smell bad. So, what could be the reason? Let’s find out!

1. Poor Diet

The things you eat and drink can affect how your breath smells. Dehydrating food such as coffee, tea, and alcohol slows down saliva production and leads to bad breath. You need saliva to kill the bacteria in your mouth. 

Of course, smell foods such as garlic and onions all cause bad breath. If your diet mostly comprises protein, sugar, or acidic foods, bad breath is just around the corner. The bad breath causing bacteria turns the good food into bad-smelling food.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene 

You need to brush your teeth two times each day for two minutes using an electric toothbrush and toothpaste rich in fluoride. You also need to floss after meals. If you’re still experiencing bad breath, invest in a tongue scraper.

3. Dehydration

You need to hydrate your mouth by drinking water each day. Drinking water stimulates saliva production, which you need to kill bacteria. Get in the habit of sipping water throughout the day. You can also chew sugar-free gum to promote saliva. 

4. Smoking

Smoking also leads to bad breath. Often, people don’t even realize it, causing them to lose their sense of smell. Smoking dries out your mouth, and the chemicals found in nicotine contribute to bad breath. Smoking can also cause a “furry” tongue, which causes bad breath.

5. Underlying Health Problems

Your bad breath may be due to gingivitis instead of periodontitis, which causes bone loss. Gum disease is treatable, and if you don’t resolve it quickly, it can lead to worse symptoms than bad breath. 

If you think your bad breath is due to an underlying dental condition with symptoms worsening, we have a dental emergency on our hands. You can visit Dr. Darian to schedule a same-day appointment or walk-in. 

Book an appointment with Dr. Darian and get minty-fresh breath all day. 

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