Poor Oral Hygiene and COVID-19: The Bad Connection

Poor Oral Hygiene and COVID-19: The Bad Connection

Posted by Winning Smiles Dentistry on Nov 15 2020, 04:52 AM

The global pandemic has kept us masked and indoors. We aim to reduce our exposure to the coronavirus or COVID-19. Although we’re taking all kinds of preventative measures, there’s one more measure that we need to add to our list— our oral health. 

Poor oral hygiene increases your risk of COVID-19.

With things slowly returning to normal, you need to add a dental check-up to your schedule. A dental check-up can add to your body’s defense mechanism and help it to combat the virus. CDC tells us that oral health needs to be a public health priority and that we should make it a part of our effort to defeat COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Oral Health: Exploring the Connection

The increase in coronavirus cases postponed routine and elective dental appointments with only emergency dental treatment accessible. Recent CDC guidelines made it clear that we need to prioritize preventative dental care appointments. 

If you live in or near Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, and have chipped or broken your tooth, you can visit us right away.

When should you visit our dental clinic to get your teeth cleaned during the pandemic?

You already know that there’s a proven link between poor oral health and chronic health conditions. However, data suggests that a person with a chronic illness is at increased risk of developing severe complications related to the virus. 

And did you know that most people who were hospitalized due to COVID-19 had heart disease or diabetes? Both these chronic health conditions are connected to poor oral health. If that’s not all to alarm you and encourage you to call us up for a dental appointment, this just might be. 

Strong evidence suggests that a lack of access to routine dental care is connected to these underlying health conditions. In short, poor oral hygiene and COVID-19 are tied at the hip. This means that you’re at higher risk for the virus if you neglect your oral health during these grave times.

Dr. Darian has taken all proactive health and safety measures to provide you with peace of mind. Schedule your appointment today because, for us, your oral health is a concern, but your safety from the virus is now our concern too. Book your appointment at our dental clinic in Glendale or Phoenix. 

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